Friday, October 4, 2013

Stitch Fix Review #1

I'm a recent college graduate (recent meaning I graduated a year and a half ago, in May 2012), living and working in Cincinnati. I love good food, fashion, and trying new things, so I decided to start a blog about my post-grad life and experiences. I decided that my first post needs to feature one of my new favorite things (and somewhat of an obsession): Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. When you sign up, you fill out a detailed style profile for them, letting them know the type of styles that you like, your sizes, etc., and then you schedule a "fix" (it can be scheduled monthly/recurring, or you can just schedule one whenever you decide that you want to receive it).

When they ship your fix, you are charged a $20 styling fee, and if you decide to keep something (or multiple things) from your fix, that $20 goes toward whatever you decide to keep. Also, if you keep everything, you get 25% off!

Your fix arrives at your front door, you get to try everything on at home with your own wardrobe and accessories, and you have three days to decide what you want to keep or send back (they provide a postage-paid envelope to send items back). They also provide a style card with each item, to give you ideas/suggestions of what other clothing items and accessories would look good with each item that they've sent.

When you decide what you want to keep (or if you don't want to keep anything), you go online to check out, and you are able to provide detailed feedback on the size, price, style, and fit/cut of each item (along with a comments box for anything else you'd like to add), so that your stylist can make your next fix even better!

Also, in your style profile, you let them know your general price range for items in each category (accessories, bottoms, dresses, jewelry, outer layers, tops): "the cheaper, the better", $50-100, $100-150, $150-200, or $200+. I chose "the cheaper, the better", since I'm an almost-broke, semi-recent college graduate.

So far, I've received three fixes. Here are some photos, most of which are from my first fix (which was AWESOME). The last two photos are from the two more recent fixes.

Aztec Print Dress = $48
LOVE that this dress has pockets. It's a super comfortable dress that's perfect for everyday wear.

Cardigan = $38                   Necklace = $28
I wouldn't actually wear the cardigan with this dress (at least not without styling it differently), but I didn't want to change clothes before taking another picture. I didn't LOVE the cardigan, but it's cute and I tend to wear cardigans to work often. The necklace is very cute. I didn't really have $28 worth of love for it, but it's very cute and different from anything else that I have (although, I don't have very many necklaces anyway).

Polka Dot Minidress = $68
Ok, so I saw someone else post pictures of this dress when they got it in their fix, and I was like "ew, poofy sleeves...I'm not going to like that", but I actually love it! It's one of my favorite dresses! I didn't think that I would like the retro-ish style because it's usually not something I'd pick out for myself, but I was pleasantly surprised with this dress.
(below is a photo of me wearing the dress a few weeks later...I got compliments on it from three different strangers in the first hour after I left the house!)

Polka Dot Swing Skirt = $48
This skirt was the last item in my first fix, and I absolutely love it! It goes so well with so many different tops, and I've been able to style it with so many different things already (these tops were just some that I pulled out of my closet to try with the skirt for pictures). LOVE.

Even though I wasn't in love with the necklace and cardigan, I decided to keep them because I would get the 25% off, and it ended up being cheaper than if I would have sent them back. And I have worn both several times, so it was worth it.

3/4 Sleeve Button-Up Cardigan = $38
It looks simple, but I loooove love love this cardigan. I got it in my September fix, and I feel like it's a perfect cardigan for Fall with the color and style. I had a very monochromatic wardrobe before Stitch Fix, and most of my cardigans and jackets are either gray, black, or dark blue, so the color is a nice change.

I didn't take any other photos from my September fix, because I was busy and forgot. But I also kept a graphic print skirt ($48) that I LOVE. I'll try to remember to post a photo of it later.

Houndstooth Printed Skirt = $48
This skirt is from my most recent fix (two days ago). I really didn't think that I'd like it because it's longer that what I usually go for in skirts. Long skirts tend to cut me off and make me look really short, but I decided that I actually liked it, and there are many ways that I could style it. In the photo on the left, the skirt is pulled up to my natural waist, with a bright long-sleeved shirt tucked in, and a thick belt. The photo on the right is just with a dark, fitted sweater.

Puzzle Charms Necklace = $28
I also kept this necklace from my most recent fix. It's just so cute that I couldn't help it ^_^

So...there's my review of Stitch Fix. I'll continue to post more reviews as I receive more fixes - the next one will be around November 1st! If you're interested in trying Stitch Fix, you can use my referral link and I'll get credit for referring you :D